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Head Plugin

This plugin will replace the contents of the <head> on each page visit. Useful for adding different stylesheets or meta tags that would otherwise go ignored.


This plugin can be installed with npm

npm install @swup/head-plugin

and included with import

import SwupHeadPlugin from '@swup/head-plugin';

or included from the dist folder

<script src="./dist/SwupHeadPlugin.js"></script>


To run this plugin, include an instance in the swup options.

const swup = new Swup({
  plugins: [new SwupHeadPlugin()]



Whether to keep orphaned link, style and script tags from the old page that weren't included on the new page. Useful for third-party libraries that add custom styles but can only be run once.

Defaults to false, i.e. orphaned assets will be removed.

Setting it to true acts as a shortcut for setting the persistTags option to a selector of link[rel=stylesheet], script[src], style.

new SwupHeadPlugin({
  persistAssets: true


Define which tags will be persisted when a new page is loaded.

Defaults to false, i.e. all orphaned tags will be removed.

new SwupHeadPlugin({
  // Keep all orphaned tags
  persistTags: true,

  // Keep all tags that match a CSS selector
  persistTags: 'style[data-keep-style]',

  // Use a function to determine whether to keep a tag
  persistTags: (tag) => tag.children.length > 1


Setting this to true will delay the transition to the new page until all newly added assets have finished loading, imitating the standard browser behavior of render-blocking requests. Currently only supports stylesheets. Defaults to false.

new SwupHeadPlugin({
  awaitAssets: true