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Browser Support

Full support

The following browsers are supported when swup is loaded from a CDN.

Chrome Edge Safari Safari iOS Firefox
80 80 13.1 13.4 74

Improved support when transpiling

Transpiling your code with tools like Babel will increase browser support.

Chrome Edge Safari Safari iOS Firefox
66 16 13.0 13.0 60

Improved support with polyfills

Including polyfills for modern browser APIs using a service like polyfill.io will significantly increase browser support. Since it's a moving target that depends on the browsers of your visitors, you're encouraged to do some research of your own here.

Improved support with previous versions

If you absolutely need to support older browsers like IE 11, downgrading to swup v3 will get you much closer to that goal, at the sacrifice of some of the newer features introduced in v4.


This support matrix is valid for swup itself — plugins may differ in the list of supported browsers.