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Upgrading from swup 2 to 3

Swup 3 is mostly backward-compatible. Most projects should keep running fine after upgrading. However, there's a few situations where you will have to make changes.

Multiple CSS transitions

Swup 3 will wait for the longest CSS transition to finish before replacing the page content. Previously, swup would only wait for the first transitioned property before continuing. This is a breaking change if you're combining transitions of differing durations in a single container.

.transition-page {
-  /* completes after 500ms in swup 2 */
+  /* completes after 1000ms in swup 3 */
  transition: opacity 1000ms, color 500ms;

Swup 3 added a new option for ignoring links via callback function. If you have previously modified the link selector to ignore specific links, you should move those customizations into the new ignoreVisit callback and remove the linkSelector option.

The location.origin check is no longer required as swup will now ensure matching origins itself.

// Example: ignore links to PDF files
const swup = new Swup({
-  linkSelector: `
-    a[href^="${window.location.origin}"]:not([data-no-swup]):not([href$=".pdf"]),
-    a[href^="/"]:not([data-no-swup]):not([href$=".pdf"]),
-    a[href^="#"]:not([data-no-swup])
-  `
+  ignoreVisit: (url, { el } = {}) => (
+    el?.matches('[data-no-swup], [href$=".pdf"]')
+  )

HTML classnames

Swup 3 will no longer by default add to-* classnames to the html tag representing the URL of the new page.

-  <html class="is-animating to-about">
+  <html class="is-animating">

If your site requires those classnames to choose between animations based on the URL of the current or next page, you can use the Route Name Plugin. Setting its paths option will restore the previous behavior and add from-* and to-* classes.

const swup = new Swup({
  plugins: [new SwupRouteNamePlugin({ paths: true })]
<html class="is-animating from-homepage to-about"></html>

Script import

If you're including the UMD version of swup in a script tag, you'll need to update the path.

- <script src="./dist/swup.js"></script>
+ <script src="./dist/Swup.umd.js"></script>

Same for the CDN version:

- <script src="https://unpkg.com/swup@2/dist/swup.min.js"></script>
+ <script src="https://unpkg.com/swup@3"></script>

Helper imports

Swup 3 exports ESM modules and defines named exports. If you have been importing swup helpers or utils from the lib folder directly, you need to update the import paths:

- import { getPageData } from 'swup/lib/helpers';
+ import { getPageData } from 'swup';

Removed helpers

Some helpers have been removed entirely, some replaced by new ones.

The Link helper, used internally for parsing URL parts from link elements, has been removed in favor of a new Location helper.

- import { Link } from 'swup/lib/helpers';
- const url = new Link(linkEl.href).getAddress();
- const hash = new Link(linkEl.href).getHash();
+ import { Location } from 'swup';
+ const { url, hash } = Location.fromElement(linkEl);

Plugin authors

Update import paths of helpers and utils

  • swup/lib/helpersswup
  • swup/lib/utilsswup

Switch to Location helper

Use the new Location helper for parsing URLs instead of the old Link class.

import { Location } from 'swup';
const { url, hash } = Location.fromElement(linkEl);

Use event delegation helper

Swup now bundles its event delegation library. Plugins will no longer have to install and bundle delegate-it or similar packages. Instead, use the delegateEvent helper on the swup instance. The delegate parent document is assumed.

- import delegate from 'delegate-it';
- this.swup.delegatedListeners.formSubmit = delegate(
-   document,
-   this.options.formSelector,
-   'submit',
-   this.onFormSubmit.bind(this)
- );
+ this.swup.delegatedListeners.formSubmit = this.swup.delegateEvent(
+   this.options.formSelector,
+   'submit',
+   this.onFormSubmit.bind(this)
+ );

Removing delegated listeners on unmount works the same as before: