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Getting Started

What is swup?

Swup is a versatile and extensible page transition library for server-rendered websites. It manages the complete page load lifecycle and smoothly animates between the current and next page. In addition, it offers many other quality-of-life improvements like caching, smart preloading, native browser history and enhanced accessibility.

Make your site feel like a snappy single-page app — without any of the complexity.


  • ✏️ Works out of the box with minimal markup
  • Auto-detects animations for perfect timing
  • 🔗 Updates URLs and preserves native browser history
  • 🏓 Manages scroll position between pages and anchor links
  • 🚀 Uses a cache to speed up subsequent page loads
  • 📡 Offers hooks to customize and extend the page load lifecycle
  • 🔌 Has a powerful plugin system and many official and third-party plugins
  • 🎨 Provides ready-to-go themes to get started quickly

See How it works for an overview of the key concepts.

Try it out

Explore our interactive demos to see swup in action.


Swup is small by design. Extended features can be added via plugins:

Check out the list of official plugins and third-party plugins.


Get started quickly with one of three official themes: fade, slide, and overlay.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble implementing swup, check out Common Issues, look at closed issues, or create a new discussion.

Want to contribute?

Become a sponsor on Open Collective or support development through GitHub sponsors.


Swup is released under the MIT license.