Getting Started

Looking for what’s new in v2? Head over here or check changelog for recent changes.

New to swup? Little intro:

  • It’s just ridiculously easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Define as many containers to replace as you want! You can tell swup to replace even the smallest parts of the page, so you can work with the rest for your animation.
  • Use swup events to run your JavaScript, trigger analytics, close sidebars or anything you need…
  • Forget about timing. swup detects the end of your animations and controls the whole lifecycle of transition automatically.
  • Don’t worry about browser history… swup takes care of it, changes the url when it’s needed and preserves browser native behavior on popState events.
  • Has some cool additional features for even better experience like cache, smart preload without DDOSing your server, badass smooth “acceleration based” scroll control, helpful debug plugin, support for forms and much more.
  • Like to make sure your site has no bugs? We do too… you can use swup CI/CD integration for that, or just use swup CLI to check manually.
  • Be sure to checkout cool third-party integrations as well.

In case you like to do your animations in JavaScript, you may want to check out js-plugin.

If you’re having trouble implementing swup, checkout Common Issues, Closed Issues or open a new one.

Swup is released under MIT license.

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