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This is a collection of snippets for integrating swup with other popular tools.


Swup works well with Alpine.js for managing component state and automating page lifecycles. Just initialize both libraries and enjoy automatic initialization of your components:

import Swup from 'swup';
import Alpine from 'alpinejs';

const swup = new Swup();
<div id="swup">
  <div x-data="{ name : 'My Component' }" x-init="console.log(name + ' initialized!')">
    My Component

Listening to swup events

If you want to listen to swup events inside your Alpine components, you need to make use of the .camel modifier since camelCase is not supported in HTML attribute names. For example, listening for the contentReplaced event would look like this:

<div x-data x-on:swup:content-replaced.camel.document="console.log('content replaced!')">
  My Alpine Component