@swup/livewire-plugin@1.0.0 - new Livewire Plugin

  • Plugin to refresh Laravel Livewire components after swup page transition by aerni πŸ‘

@swup/a11y-plugin@2.0.0 - Plugin now has a unified name of SwupA11yPlugin. This is a breaking change!

  • Given the plugins unusual name, the official name of the plugin was SwupA11yPlugin, while the global reference created by the plugin imported with a script was SwupA11YPlugin. The plugin name is now unified for all use cases. PR by daun πŸ‘

@swup/ga-plugin@1.1.0 - Plugin now supports GTAG.

  • GA can be loaded in different ways to the page. Plugin now tries to use the new standard of global window.gtag implementation, and fallbacks to the old New gaMeasurementId option was added for the new implementation. PR by studio-blueboat πŸ‘

@swup/head-plugin@1.2.0 - Head plugin now replaces the lang.

  • Head plugin now replaces the lang, since that’s a pretty related to it’s original purpose of replacing meta/other tags inside of the head tag. PR by daun πŸ‘

@swup/progress-plugin@1.0.1 - Mark style tag with data attribute to allow identification

  • Mark style tag with data attribute to allow identification. PR by daun πŸ‘

@swup/forms-plugin@1.1.1 - fix import from swup dependency import

  • Exports changed in swup package made this plugin incompatible with lates swup. Fixed in PR by fracsi. πŸ‘

@swup/docs - some changes to the swup docs

  • Sites using swup can now be found in dedicated GitHub discussion, where anyone can leave their own links.
  • You can now signup for a swup newsletter, to get notified of any major updates.
  • Add link to list of all swup repositories.

@swup/forms-plugin@1.1.0 - support for data-swup-transition

  • Add support for data-swup-transition on form element, which will make swup choose correct animation based on the attribute content, just like it does with links.

@swup/docs - new third-party integrations listed

  • HTML Lang plugin by mashvp πŸ‘
  • Meta Tags plugin by Accudio πŸ‘
  • Morph plugin by daun πŸ‘

  • Just a tiny update of broken links.

@swup/head-plugin@1.1.0 - add persistAssets and persistTags options

  • Adds ability to persist tags and stop the plugin from removing certain tags. Especially useful for stopping the plugin from removing scripts/styles added by external scripts. PR by daun πŸ‘

@swup/swup@2.0.12 - fix bug where animateHistoryBrowsing option was ignored for OUT animations

  • Problem mainly for JS plugin. Related issue here.

@swup/custom-payload-plugin - new Custom Payload plugin

  • Custom Payload plugin πŸŽ‰

@swup/a11y-plugin - new Accessibility plugin

  • Accessibility plugin by daun πŸ‘

@swup/progress-plugin - new Progress Bar plugin

  • Progress Bar plugin by daun πŸ‘

@swup/matomo-plugin - new Matomo plugin

@swup/cli@4.0.0 - new CLI validate command in

New CLI validate command for validating running sites manually, or for use with CI/CD pipeline.

@swup/docs - two new third-party integrations listed

Started at version swup@2.0.9 - 2020/06/22