@swup/docs - some changes to the swup docs

  • Sites using swup can now be found in dedicated GitHub discussion, where anyone can leave their own links.
  • You can now signup for a swup newsletter, to get notified of any major updates.
  • Add link to list of all swup repositories.

@swup/forms-plugin@1.1.0 - support for data-swup-transition

  • Add support for data-swup-transition on form element, which will make swup choose correct animation based on the attribute content, just like it does with links.

@swup/docs - new third-party integrations listed

  • HTML Lang plugin by mashvp 👏
  • Meta Tags plugin by Accudio 👏
  • Morph plugin by daun 👏

  • Just a tiny update of broken links.

@swup/head-plugin@1.1.0 - add persistAssets and persistTags options

  • Adds ability to persist tags and stop the plugin from removing certain tags. Especially useful for stopping the plugin from removing scripts/styles added by external scripts. PR by daun 👏

@swup/swup@2.0.12 - fix bug where animateHistoryBrowsing option was ignored for OUT animations

  • Problem mainly for JS plugin. Related issue here.

@swup/custom-payload-plugin - new Custom Payload plugin

  • Custom Payload plugin 🎉

@swup/a11y-plugin - new Accessibility plugin

  • Accessibility plugin by daun 👏

@swup/progress-plugin - new Progress Bar plugin

  • Progress Bar plugin by daun 👏

@swup/matomo-plugin - new Matomo plugin

@swup/cli@4.0.0 - new CLI validate command in

New CLI validate command for validating running sites manually, or for use with CI/CD pipeline.

@swup/docs - two new third-party integrations listed

Started at version swup@2.0.9 - 2020/06/22