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As we are replacing the native lifecycle of a browser visit, we need events that let us imitate that lifecycle in our scripts.

Swup emits a list of events that can be used to implement custom logic, initialize components, trigger analytics, and much more. Listen to events using the on() and off methods.

// Add a new handler
swup.on('pageView', () => {
  console.log('New page loaded');

swup.off('pageView', handler); // remove a single handler
swup.off('pageView'); // remove all 'pageView' handlers
swup.off(); // remove all handlers for all events

For backward compatibility, all events are also triggered on the document with a swup: prefix.

document.addEventListener('swup:contentReplaced', () => {});

List of all events

Event name Description
animationInDone triggers when transition of all animated elements is done (after content is replaced)
animationInStart triggers when animation IN starts (class is-animating is removed from html tag)
animationOutDone triggers when transition of all animated elements is done (after click of link and before content is replaced)
animationOutStart triggers when animation OUT starts (class is-animating is added to html tag)
animationSkipped triggers when transition is skipped (on back/forward buttons)
clickLink triggers when link is clicked
contentReplaced triggers right after the content of page is replaced
disabled triggers on destroy()
enabled triggers when swup instance is created or re-enabled after call of destroy()
hoverLink triggers when link is hovered
openPageInNewTab triggers when page is opened to new tab (link clicked when control key is pressed)
pageLoaded triggers when loading of some page is done
pagePreloaded triggers when the preload of some page is done (differs from pageLoaded only by the source of event - hover/click)
pageRetrievedFromCache triggers when page is retrieved from cache and no request is necessary
pageView similar to contentReplaced, except it is once triggered on load
popState triggers on popstate events (back/forward button)
samePage triggers when link leading to the same page is clicked
samePageWithHash triggers when link leading to the same page with #someElement in the href attribute is clicked
transitionStart triggers when transition start (loadPage method is called)
transitionEnd triggers when transition ends (content is replaced and all animations are done
willReplaceContent triggers right before the content of page is replaced


Trigger analytics page views

swup.on('pageView', () => {
    event: 'VirtualPageview',
    virtualPageURL: window.location.pathname,
    virtualPageTitle: document.title

Initialize new components on the page

swup.on('contentReplaced', () => {
  swup.options.containers.forEach((selector) => {
    // load scripts for all elements with 'selector'

Listening to swup's DOM events

document.addEventListener('swup:contentReplaced', () => {
  // do something